ISO 9001-14001

ISO-FRIESA-MEDIO-AMBIENTEBecause at Friesa what we most care about is our clients’ satisfaction, we look after every detail of our work and carry out our processes with complete respect for the environment.

Our environmental and quality policy is based on the following commitments:

1. Commitment to follow all requirements, be they legal, contractual or other applicable to us because of our activity, both in the execution of these processes and in the environmental reach of our activities, so that our actions cannot contravene the requirements and legal specifications established by public administration.

2. Commitment to execute our work within a management environment that guarantees ongoing improvement in our work processes, in our methods and in our relationship to the affected parties by means of the establishment and periodic revision of our quality and environmental objectives.

3. Commitment to respect and protect the environment and our surroundings through actions and measures designed to prevent any kind of pollution.

4. Commitment to promote an understanding and spreading of our quality and environmental management policy within our organization through training and ongoing communication to the entire team of our organizations or those who work for them in associated businesses.

5. Commitment to closely monitor all our processes, especially insofar as:
• Product and Service Quality.
• Product and Service Efficiency and Efficacy.
• Relations with our clients and interest groups.
• Waste monitoring and management.

6. Commitment to provide the general public with our quality and environmental management policies.

7. Commitment to satisfying all the interested groups: clients, staff, citizens, society, administration and other bodies.