Who we are

WHO-WE-ARE_friesa More than 40 years of experience are our guarantee.

Our history

FRIESA started up in 1970. For over forty years from its beginnings, we can testify that Friesa is now a leading company in industrial equipment for catering and restaurants both on the island of Ibiza and in Formentera.
During these years filled with work and commitment we have learned and evolved as a business, as our mission is to make our clients’ professional lives easier. For this reason one of our tenets is the ongoing training and professional development of our team.

Our mission

Our mission is to offer to our clients added value, leaving everything to use and providing a service of the highest quality. All this using improved efficiency, current technology, experience and commitment.
At Friesa we don’t just sell products or services, but also good experiences and solutions.

Our team

It’s not just that the managers are committed to our customers, but our entire team is too, and everybody is involved in the ongoing improvement and training programmes. Everybody is trained in a collaborative way, forming a team with their colleagues. Friesa is committed to training and the personal and professional development of our production teams, managers and heads of departments. We believe that the intersection of these principles is the service model of the 21st century.

Focus on quality and environmental awareness

During 2011 continued investing in our clients’ satisfaction and also focussing on management improvements to look after our environment more. For this reason, the ISO 9001:2008 – ISO 14001:2004 environmental and quality system was implemented, as certified every year by the auditing company: