Those who like the finer things in life know that not all ice is made the same 

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More than 20 years ago we started out making and distributing our ice to businesses dedicated to catering, like hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, supermarkets, service stations…
At the moment, we have a high production capacity that allows us to offer the best service to our clients with a daily delivery service that reaches all parts of the island 365 days a year. Renowned clients trust us to provide the finest product to their end customers, since they believe that ‘not all ice is the same’.

These are some of our clients who have been with us for years:
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Ice should improve the taste of a drink, not dilute it. Our Scotsman ice machines produce ice that neither changes nor dilutes their flavour.
We produce two types of ice in our factory:
The “Gourmet” cube is notable for the following characteristics:
• Compact, pure and crystalline. It has a conical trunk form like a small shot-type glass.
• Enhances the drink’s quality, cooling it with minimal dilution and maximizing the client’s satisfaction and re-valuing the service.
• 40 gram cube


“Nugget” cube notable for the following characteristics:
• Small cylinder form
• Drinks cool quickly
• Ideal for cocktails
• Cube weight: 1 to 5 grams



Our Factory has a high production and storage capacity to cover more than our clients’ needs since our reserves are far greater than a growth in demand under exceptional circumstances.
Our product undergoes a thorough monitoring, with water analysis, calibration of our measuring equipment all verified by the official health organizations. This is called Danger and Critical Point Control Analysis (DCPCA) or more commonly called the ‘Blue Book’. Here the physical, chemical and biological contamination risks are identified, evaluated and prevented throughout all the processes of the supply chain, establishing preventative and corrective measures to ensure the complete safety monitoring.
Our sales and delivery service is available 365 days a year so that your business will always be well served and be able to provide the highest levels of service.
A fleet of refrigerated trucks are perfectly suited to transport our products, guaranteeing fast distribution in the cold chain to provide excellent service so that the ice can be delivered in perfect condition to our clients.