We advise

At Friesa we have engineers with years of proven experience with the qualifications to accredit their training.


We also have a sales team with a great deal of experience in our sector, who will advise you with NO OBLIGATION and AT NO COST TO YOU. They will visit your premises to be able to advise you. Together with our technical office they are THE IDEAL ADVISERS for your business to be a success and as efficient and sustainable as possible.

We carry out the energy efficiency studies necessary so that your installation is the most convenient for you.

They are ALWAYS up-to-date with new regulations and legislation.
Our technical office has all the knowledge necessary to be able to carry out the installation according to current legislation.

They will advise you so that your business has the necessary legal documents to be able to start trading.
WE WANT TO GIVE YOU SOLUTIONS: we will try to find the most viable and least costly solution for you to meet regulations but also be the most efficient way for your business.