Solar Panel ACS


ACS equipment designed to cover the minimum solar contribution to meet the energy efficiency and safety measures required of thermal installations in buildings designed to meet public well-being and hygiene conditions, increasing savings and comfort.

To this end we put ourselves at your disposal to create a project that meets your needs.

The project guarantees:

• Balance for investment

• Up to 70% of energy supply

• Bacteria-free (legionella) potable water

• System maintenance

We market and install:

- Normal flat solar collectors and vacuum tubes

- ACS water storage tanks: high-capacity water and temperature storage

- Solar panel structures: for both sloped and horizontal terraces

- Solar equipment components: expansion vessels, pressure gauges, valves and fittings, solar pumps, mixing valves, solar traps, panel exchanges, thermostats and heat dissipaters.

- Solar equipment electronics: anything that optimizes your solar equipment: Solar control units, probes, solar control panels, timers, and so on. Everything you need to get the most out of your solar equipment.

Being a member of the Authorised Installers of Thermal Installations in Buildings with qualified, competent technicians, we undertake all the documents and planning necessary for the installation as well as presentation to the relevant public organizations or providers.