Industrial Refrigeration


For each project we carry out a study of your needs with the aim of obtaining the best performance and money-saving strategies using our wide-ranging experience, both in the simplest installations and the most complex set-ups.

Industrial refrigeration installations designed to maintain the food production cold chain, comprehensive solutions for bars, restaurants, hotels, storage facilities and industries, providing the most simple and efficient solutions, as well as small preserving or freezing rooms and large refrigeration centres for large food stores.

We use current ecological refrigerants closely following the Refrigeration Installations Safety Regulations and their complementary technical instructions as in R.D.138/2011, 4th of February. Using the thermal loads of the premises to be cooled as calculated by advanced IT programmes, we can optimize the power to be installed and enhance energy efficiency, this meeting the client’s needs.

All of the installations are carried out, repaired and maintained by highly-qualified staff with the necessary skills to manage refrigerant gas following current legislation. We can provide maintenance programmes adapted to each kind of installation in order to maintain the efficiency and life of our installations.

Being a member of the Authorised Installers of Industrial Refrigeration Installations in Buildings with qualified, competent technicians, we undertake all the documents and planning necessary as well as presentation to the relevant public organizations or providers. If necessary, the product will be installed by our engineers, who bear the necessary documentation.