Ventilation and Smoke Extraction


We do the calculations necessary to create the ventilation and air filtration equipment required by your business, and if our standard products do not fit your premises we can provide made-to-measure solutions for many of our referents.

Smoke extraction and air recycling for industrial kitchens, multi-use rooms, vehicle garages… We can guarantee thorough extraction of smoke and fresh air supply if needed.
- Stainless steel hoods: Wall mounted, central, balanced flow, extractors, for steam escapes…
- Fire extinguishers: Available for all current extractor sizes
- Fat retainers, ventilation boxes and fans, direct motors, simple ear, horizontal compact, horizontal and vertical outlets, 400º per 2hrs external or affected by fire zone.
- Extraction material: galvanised or stainless spiral tube, sleeve accessories, clamps, elbows, hoppers, deflectors, headgear, everything necessary for smoke extraction and air supply according to the CTE (Technical Building Code).